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Is there a dripping noise driving you crazy? Or a puddle that reappears every time you clean it up? It sounds like you’ve got a plumbing leak.

Acoustic leak detection is the most effective way of identifying plumbing issues from with your home and business. Leaks can be pinpointed within a metre without the need of digging or intrusive excavation. Toscano Plumbing uses the latest acoustic detection  technology for all your plumbing needs in Melbourne.

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Does your leak need fixing right away?

If you know that you have a water leak, you should have it fixed immediately. Little leaks can become much bigger problems when not addressed. Delaying repairs will result in further loss of water (a precious resource), a larger water bill, potentially a costlier plumbing repair and also further damage to your property by flooding, rot and decay.

Immediately fixing a leak can help in these ways:

  • Avoid dangerous electrical issues: Water and electricity don’t mix. Quickly detecting and fixing leaks could be the difference between having an inconvenience and a major disaster on your hands.
  • Avoid structural damage: Damp timber is rife with problems. Quickly repairing a leak means you won’t be inviting white ants into your home or office.
  • Avoid stained ceilings: Water leaks in ceilings cause damp patches that stain. Fixing a leak quickly could mean your ceilings won’t need repainting.
  • Avoid ruined floor coverings: Water leaks damage carpet and timber flooring alike. Have that leak seen to sooner, rather than later, so you don’t have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of replacing your floor coverings.

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Not sure if you have a leak? Five Steps to Detecting a Leaking Pipe

Step 1: Choose a time

Overnight is ideal when you won’t be using water at your home.

Step 2: Allow fill time

Give tanks and cisterns a chance to fill (up to 30 minutes).

Step 3: Take a reading

This is the initial reading. Write down black and red digits.

Step 4: Wait overnight

If there is a leak, the water use will be evident at the next reading.

Step 5: Take another reading

In the morning, before using any water, take another reading. Note black and red digits. This is the second reading. If it shows a number greater than the first, you can determine there is a leak.

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Common Signs of a Leaking Pipe

Damp patches

Damp walls, ceilings and floors are common signs of water leaks. Unusually damp patches of ground could be a sign of an underground water leak.

Recurring mould growth

Leaks occurring inside walls and ceilings can cause mould to grow. If you clean mould off and find it keeps coming back, you could have a concealed leak.

Frayed and cracked hoses

Flexi hoses under sinks are one of the most common sources of leaks and pipe bursts. Check for fraying, cracking and dampness.

Property deterioration

Swollen countertops, cabinetry and floorboards are often caused by leaking taps, sinks and toilets. Look out for peeling paint and loosened tiles.

Hot water system drips

Drips and puddles near the hot water system could indicate this is the source of your leak.

Water pooling under appliances

Appliances or their connection to your plumbing system can be the cause of leaks. Check for pooling underneath and behind them.

Toscano Plumbing can detect and repair your water leak 24/7

There can be many visible signs of water leaks, but sometimes there are none at all. Leaks may not be easily identifiable if they are underground or coming from pipes within walls. If you can’t locate the leak, contact us for affordable plumbing and leak detection services.

Using non-invasive techniques like thermal imaging cameras, acoustic leak detection and CCTV cameras and locators, your leak will be resolved in no time. We’ll also leave your home in the same condition as when we arrived, thanks to our strict ‘clean up our mess’ policy.

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Common causes of water leaks

  • Corrosion and deterioration of pipe joints
  • Rapid temperature changes causing pipes to expand and contract
  • Broken waterproof membrane in wet areas
  • Building malfunctions
  • Excess water pressure
  • Broken seals around water connectors and appliances
  • Tree root intrusion of underground pipes

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Customer Testimonial

"I would like to pass on my thanks for the prompt and efficient service that I received from your company. I was very impressed by the way I was informed of what was going on, the progress, the costs and also by your very professional and caring plumbers that came to assist. I have told quite a few people how good the service was from Toscano as it is not always easy to find service people who you feel you can trust and who do a great job."

Debbie Thompson (Head of Faculty, St Catherine’s School)

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