CCTV Drain Camera Benefits:

CCTV Drain Camera offers real time results, eliminates the cost of unnecessary excavation and is cost effective.

Because drainage systems are located beneath the ground it’s impossible for the human naked eye to detect where the blockage is located and it’s cause.

While drain blockages and odours can be a major problem, they generally don’t just happen overnight.  Instead, they develop over time when waste products start to accumulate or when tree roots grow in the pipes and cause blockages and breakages.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars and hours digging we now have the ability to accurately diagnose the problem using a CCTV drain camera.

Unlike the electric cabling procedure, a CCTV drain camera can be fed into plumbing systems and flexed around corners with ease.  Providing an inside view of your pipes in real time, showing the exact location and severity of blockages, leak detection and other problems.

Why just clearing a blockage is not always the answer?

If you have a blockage that has become an issue and you decide to use a high-pressure hose or electric cabling to clear the blockage you may find that the problem reoccurs.  This is why using a CCTV drain camera is important in conjunction with clearing the drain as it helps you view the internal damage and it’s cause.

Benefit of using a CCTV drain camera.

With a CCTV drain camera, you can ensure that the blockage is found without any guesswork or intensive digging that could cause further stress or damage to your pipes.  By using a CCTV drain camera, not only is the location of the blockage revealed, but also the depth under the ground where the blockage is based.  It also shows the degree of damage that’s resulted from the blockage and if any of the pipes that were damaged need to be removed or replaced.

How is an inspection undertaken using a CCTV drain camera?

In order to undertake an inspection using a CCTV drain camera, a plumber first has to clear the blockage before being able to send the camera down the pipe.  This allows the plumber to see the inside of the drain and determine what is causing the blockage.

Once the inspection is complete the plumber can then decide on the most effective course of action.  This may involve removing and replacing a section of pipe because it’s been blocked by tree roots and arranging for the tree to be cut back to avoid the same issue happening again.  Or it may be as straightforward as flushing loose debris out of the drain.

CCTV drain camera

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