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Plumbing emergencies can be overwhelming. Let us take the stress out of the situation for you.

We can help with these emergency plumbing situations and more

  • Leaking pipes:
    From the smallest leak to a burst pipe, we can resolve your plumbing emergencies using the latest leak detection and repair technologies. Rest assured that your job is actioned immediately.
  • Blocked drains:
    If water isn’t flowing down your drains, you need a blocked drain plumber. By using a CCTV drain camera, we can identify the problem and clear it quickly using high-pressure water jetting treatment.
  • Overflowing toilet:
    An overflowing toilet is not only unpleasant to deal with and a health hazard, but it is also a major inconvenience when you can’t use the toilet.
  • Gas leaks:
    Can you smell gas? Using gas leak detection devices, we rapidly identify and repair any leaks. We make it our priority to ensure your property is safe again.
  • Broken water lines:
    Plumbing emergencies don’t just occur inside. Underground water lines that crack can cause significant moisture to spread around the building and reduce the water pressure available to the interior fixtures.
  • Hot water faults:
    Hot water may seem like a luxury sometimes, but in the middle of winter, every property needs a reliable hot water supply. Whether your electric hot water service is leaking, or there is a faulty gas supply, Toscano Plumbing can help.

Your home doesn’t need to be overflowing with water to need an emergency plumber. If your water system isn’t functioning at its regular speed or pressure, it is a sign that things are about to get worse, so don’t delay and hope it will fix itself. Call us, your local emergency plumbers, to have your plumbing functioning normally again in no time.

Why Toscano Plumbing?

As a company that has been established for more than 20 years, Toscano Plumbing offers superior service for emergency plumbing repairs within Melbourne.

Jobs are actioned as they happen thanks to the latest in portable technology allowing our plumbers to remain connected at all times. We will be onsite within two hours and can advise you on what to do while we’re on our way, for example, turning the water off at the meter. You can be assured that one of our highly-trained and qualified professional plumbers will attend your property, equipped to deal with the situation at hand.

You know that we’re serious about meeting your needs because we ask for feedback on the completion of every job. Our company’s focus on active listening means we give you our full attention – you’ll know that we’re giving you and your emergency plumbing situation the attention it needs.

Need a temporary solution?

For a Water leak:
The best way to prevent water leaking throughout your house is to turn the water off at the mains while one of our qualified plumbers is on their way to you. Knowing that they are employed by us and are not contractors means you can rely on them to arrive when we say they will. It’s also recommended to turn off the electricity, depending on the severity of the leak. If it will cause major inconvenience to have the water off, or you can’t locate the water meter, you can apply pipe repair tape to seal the leak until our rapid response plumber arrives.

For a Gas leak:
It’s important to never DIY a gas repair. Turn off appliances and the gas supply and ensure you have windows open for ventilation. Contact our 24-hour emergency plumbing service immediately.

Customer Testimonial

We were unprepared and needed a plumber to urgently do work prior to our kitchen being installed. We contacted Toscano Plumbing and luckily got on to the owner, Rob. We informed him of our problem and he went the extra mile to ensure we had someone on site to do the job. A lifesaver as this was 6 days out from Christmas. Thanks Rob and the team.
– Trish and Stu Dykstra

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