Helping unblock even the most stubborn blockages!

Over time, dirt and other gunk can block your pipes and drains to the extent where it’s almost impossible to clear the obstruction. That is where high pressure water jetting comes in!

Using our cutting-edge high-pressure equipment Toscano Plumbing can unclog even the most difficult blockages in pipes and drains. Instead of simply pushing build-up and accumulated dirt further into the plumbing, the high-water-pressure system washes them out effectively.

What is high-pressure water jetting?

High-pressure water jetting—also referred to as hydro jetting or high-pressure pipe cleaning—is a powerful cleaning solution designed to clear severe and/or stubborn blockages in drains, sewers, and other pipe systems.  It is a non-invasive plumbing solution that clears pipes by removing blockages effectively. It involves the use of high-pressure jets, which can remove debris, clogs, and build-up from your plumbing system.

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Blockages in drain pipes can be brought on by a variety of factors from grease and sludge to sand and soil to waste, tree roots or flushed paper/wipes that have accumulated over time, as well as other detritus. High pressure drain cleaning can effectively handle the work regardless of the reason for the blockage. Note, that not every blocked drain plumber can assist with this. Our water jetters will ensure your drain cleaning is done right!

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By completely clearing out any obstructions in the pipe, the tremendous power of the water blasting through the pipe lowers the likelihood of recurrence issues. If the issue can be resolved using this very effective and quick way, excavation is not necessary, saving you both time and money.  High-pressure drain cleaning via a jetter can clean and unblock drains much faster than traditional methods of drain cleaning. This means less interruption and cost to our domestic and commercial customers.

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We recommend having your residential or business pipes cleaned at least once a year. This will keep your property’s piping system operational and prevent thousands of dollars worth of potential harm to your plumbing system and property. It is best to have your pipes tested if you notice anything strange about your water or are having overflowing or gurgling issues.

What is the maximum pressure for hydro jetting?

For sewer hydro jetting units, the maximum pressure is 4000psi with a maximum flow of 80L/minute. There are both Class A and Class B High Pressure Water Jetting equipment. The AS Standard is AS 4233. Water jetting equipment and attachments should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What precautions should be taken when using the equipment?

Anyone using hydro jetting equipment should follow these safety recommendations:

  • An area where jetting is taking place should be blocked off and all equipment and other items should be protected from the water and debris.
  • People not involved in the direct work should stay clear of the designated work area.
  • Operators using manually operated jetting systems should ensure they have steady footing and are in a safe position before commencing work.
  • Avoid overhead work where possible.
  • Do not perform high pressure jetting from a ladder or another unstable location where you could lose balance.
  • Always stop jetting if a malfunction occurs, conditions change or an unauthorised person comes into the work area.

Can I do the high pressure water jetting myself?

All operators operating Class B High Pressure Water Jetting equipment need to be trained to national standards and deemed competent. However, you should always engage an experienced professional for any hydro jetting requirements, as the water jet may pierce the skin, contaminated material may be injected into the body, flying debris can hit and injure a person, or a flailing hose or out of control nozzle could hit and injury a  person.

Toscano Plumbing are fully qualified experts to handle high pressure water jetting equipment.

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