How to keep a suspected slab leak from becoming a disaster.

Sometimes the leaks we can’t see are more troubling than a clearly-visible burst pipe. A burst pipe is certainly a plumbing emergency, and very upsetting to see in your home or business. But the concealed nature of a slab leak and the damage it causes makes it all the more insidious.

Are you seeing any of these signs of a concealed slab leak around your home or business?

  • Unexplained pooling water
  • Wet carpet
  • Wet spots on walls and skirting boards
  • Reduced water pressure from taps
  • The sound of running water with no visible signs of it

When there’s a concealed leak under concrete, it can:

  • Damage the structure of your home if not seen to quickly
  • Cause significant mould or mildew problems (both in terms of physical damage and health issues)
  • Warp floorboards, plasterboard and cabinets
  • Crack floor tiles, render and the slab itself
  • Cause lingering damp odours
  • Cause dangerous electrical issues
  • Increase your water bill

Slab leaks can be some of the most difficult to pinpoint when you engage a plumber who doesn’t have access to the latest plumbing technologies. Without using advanced leak detection technologies, you can expect:

  • Heavy site excavation
  • Significant disruption to your home
  • Removal of unnecessary floor tiles or floorboards
  • Increased costs just to locate the leak

But, it doesn’t have to be difficult to pinpoint your leak!

Follow these steps if you suspect you have a slab leak:

  1. Compare your recent water bills.
    If you’ve had a large increase in your bill, but no reason for your usage to increase, you probably have a leak.
  2. Check the water meter.
    First, turn off all appliances that use water, including the washing machine, dishwasher, taps and toilets. Take a reading from your water meter. Leave everything off for a couple of hours and take another meter reading. If there is a change in the reading, you can assume there is a leak.
  3. Engage a plumber equipped with the latest leak detection technologies to pinpoint your slab leak.

All Toscano Plumbing team members are expertly-trained in the use of advanced leak detection technologies including:

  • Acoustic leak detection
    A wireless system of headphones, a touch screen electronic monitor and advanced ground microphone, listen to and isolate the sound of water escaping the pipework. We are the leak detection experts.
  • CCTV, pipe and cable locator technology
    Drain inspection cameras are used to locate and inspect sewer pipes via a monitor at the surface.
  • Tracer gas technology
    When too much noise interferes with acoustic leak detection measures, we inject a safe gas into the pipeline to pinpoint the leak location.
  • Thermal imaging cameras
    An infrared device measures and detects changes in the surface temperature of the area under investigation to identify active leaks.

Using these precise technologies, you can expect:

  • Leaks to be pinpointed within one metre
  • No digging or excavation to locate the leak
  • Fast location of the leak, meaning repairs can be commenced quickly if you choose to proceed
  • To save money, as these technologies require fewer man hours than traditional methods

Why make life complicated when it can be simple like this?

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with a suspected slab leak, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email today.