As anyone who manages or owns a building knows roof maintenance is crucial.  

However, many owners neglect their roof maintenance believing they are saving time and money. But industry-standard roof maintenance requires more than just clearing the leaves out of the gutter. To ensure the continued safety and support your roof provides, your roof needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. Many roof problems, like gaps in the roof’s flashing, can slowly grow and appear over time – making it difficult to be detected by non-professional roofing inspectors. Undetected problems in your roof can cause substantial damage to property, and even people, if left undetected.

The warning signs

A roof might look simple from the outside, but it’s more important to a building than many people realise. Your roof is integral to providing comfort and protection to your interior, which means it is most vulnerable when damaged. This means even problems that seem trivial, such as a rusting sheet or loose flashing, can be a sign of worse things to come.

That’s why an experienced plumbing professional ensures your roof is checked regularly. Leak detection is one of the best preventative measures in plumbing. A few of the warning signs to look out for are:

  • Ponding (the build-up of stagnant water on your rooftop): this causes leaks, mould, and can even weaken support beams.
  • Rust spots on your roof system: though most modern roofing materials prevent these, if untreated they can lead to leaks and wind damage.

           Rust on a box gutter                                                                                 Rust on roof sheets
  • Gaps in the flashing: weakens the protection and cover of your roof, especially during heavy rainfall and strong winds. Gaps can build up slowly and appear over time, so it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional.

Dangers of neglected roofs

Unlike other building fixtures, your roof is constantly exposed to weather conditions that can weaken the integrity of your roof’s protection, including rain, wind and even sunlight.

Roof maintenance - The importance of regular roof maintenance

Here are the most common problems caused by neglected roof maintenance:

Leaks – That little drip in your ceiling might seem fairly innocuous, though slightly annoying, but a leaking roof should be a serious concern for any business. Leaks do not plug themselves, if left untreated the size of the leak will grow and allow more water into your celling.

Mould – Wet insulation and clogged gutters will grow mould, which can be very expensive to remove once set. Certain types of mould can be hazardous to people, and pose an enormous health risk if left untreated.

Animals and pests – If your roofs are neglected and poorly maintained, insects can enter the building through holes in your roofing system. If the holes are large enough, you could even end up housing rodents such as possums, mice, and rats in your organisation’s ceiling.

Maintaining your roof to provide the safe and secure protection they were built for isn’t difficult. By hiring a reliable, professional plumber to inspect your roof yearly, problems can be detected and resolved early on, keeping you safe and your building protected.

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