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Plumbing Installation Melbourne

Plumbing systems require intricate work. You can see why expert plumbing services Melbourne are a must when a plumbing installation involves so many components: plumbing to and away from multiple rooms on the property, exterior plumbing requirements, gas lines, hot water systems and water tanks. Toscano Plumbers are here to assist.

What to expect from a Toscano Plumbing installation

  1. Correct Tools: We use the correct tools, specialised equipment and safety equipment for each plumbing need.We even have a strict clean up our mess policy so that your site is left in the same condition as when we arrived.
  2. Insurance - yours and ours: For insurance purposes, it’s important to have documented proof that qualified tradespersons have performed your plumbing installation.Our business is appropriately insured for your peace of mind.
  3. Knowledge: We are industry leaders in embracing technology, and this enables us to stay at the forefront of providing the ultimate plumbing service.We have the knowledge to ensure plumbing is installed for optimum functionality and to meet building codes.
  4. Satisfaction: We take pride in delivering a level of service you simply don’t expect from a plumber. We get it right, the first time, every time. And we show up when we say we’re going to. Your time is valued.
  5. Meeting Australian Standards: Toscano Plumbing meets all legal requirements, including conducting work to Australian Standards, every time.
  6. Incredible Quality: Rather than you having to shop around for full-retail priced items, we can source fixtures of the best quality for your plumbing installation.

Fully-qualified for your peace of mind

Toscano Plumbing adheres to the Plumbing Standards 2008 and the Plumbing Code of Australia. We also carry all necessary licences, including:

  • VBA Plumbing Licence in these classes: drainage, fire protection, gasfitting, irrigation (non-agricultural), roofing (stormwater), sanitary and water supply
  • Construction Card
  • Worker’s Compensation Registration
  • Public Liability Insurance ($20 million)
  • Motor Vehicle Licences
  • Working with Children
  • Police Checks (Victoria)
  • OH&S Management Policy

Understanding the stages of a plumbing installation

If you have already decided on an architectural design for the premises, you can provide it to Toscano Plumbing for consultation about the plumbing layout. It’s important to be clear about your requirements and make any adjustments prior to accepting a quotation. This is because the plumbing installation cost will increase significantly should changes be made once construction is underway.

Take a look at this quick plumbing installation guide to see the stages plumbing installation occurs in:

  1. Underground pipework: Sewage and stormwater pipework are laid and connected early, at the base stage of construction.
  2. Fixture installation: Once the lock-up stage has been reached, interior fit-out begins. Taps, sinks, bathtubs and hot water systems are installed and sealed into place.
  3. Rough in: When the wall framing is complete, but before walls are lined with plasterboard, plumbing pipes are installed and securely fastened to the house frame.
  4. Testing and compliance: You will receive a Certificate of Compliance, serving as warranty under Toscano Plumbing’s insurance that the installation is correct.

Want to know more about your new plumbing system?

It’s common to pay attention to your plumbing system only when there is a problem with it, but it’s helpful to understand a little about how it works to better take care of it.

A plumbing system is a network of pipes and fittings that both carries a water supply to your premises and takes waste water away from it. It is somewhat like a tree in that there is a main line, with branches of pipes running off it to different plumbing fixtures in the house. There is the main line for the water supply, the main sewage line and the main stormwater line. Accredited plumbers can also install gas supply systems for cooking and heating water because the system is so similar to a plumbing one.

Plumbing and sanitary systems are crucial to modern-day living. They are essential for delivering the precious resource of water, safely and hygienically to homes and for removing waste in a manner that protects public health. Innovations in plumbing systems are important for improving water efficiency, which is vital for the future of our environment.

Customer Testimonial

We were unprepared and needed a plumber to urgently do work prior to our kitchen being installed. We contacted Toscano Plumbing and luckily got on to the owner, Rob. We informed him of our problem and he went the extra mile to ensure we had someone on site to do the job. A lifesaver as this was 6 days out from Christmas. Thanks Rob and the team.
– Trish and Stu Dykstra

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