Thermal Imaging Leak Detection in Melbourne saves hassle, time and money.

Being able to detect those hidden leaks are one of the most frustrating things for a homeowner, business owner or building manager. Unfortunately most plumbers do not specialise in advanced leak detection and as such, do not have the expertise or tools to identify the root of the problem. That’s where thermal water leak detection comes in.

Thermal Imaging Camera Plumbing

Thermal imaging camera inspections are the safest and fastest method of detecting plumbing problems such as leaks, burst pipes and water damage. Because a thermal camera can see problems in floors, behind walls and even under tiles, they can save a lot of hassle compared with the usual methods of finding leaks such as digging up floors and knocking holes in walls.

Other benefits of Thermal Cameras for water leak detection include:

  • Save money: Thermal imaging technology can locate leaks without having to actually see the leak so it cuts down on labour costs associated with digging around looking for leaky pipes as well as the extra repair costs.
  • Save time: Thermal imaging Leak Detection technology can locate leaks quickly and with minimal fuss! This significantly reduces time to find a leak or water damage which means less cost to you!
  • Peace of mind: Water leaks from your plumbing system can often go undetected until major damage has occurred. We can use our thermal imaging camera and scan in, under, and around the plumbing to determine if there is active leak going on.

What plumbing problems are suitable for Thermal Cameras?

  • Damaged pipes in walls
  • Roof leaks
  • Leaking balcony
  • Locate hot and cold pipes in walls
  • Insulation issues in walls and ceiling
  • Failed water proofing membranes
  • Floor heating problems
  • Locating dampness in walls and floors
  • Leaking shower bases and bath seals
  • Leaks through windows and doors
  • Testing solar hot water panels
  • Leaking pools and spas
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