Why Is Leak Detection So Important For A Business?

As a business owner, water can be a silent danger to your business. Left undetected, water leaks can potentially damage your premises, destroy data and ruin your equipment. Potentially, if a leak is left unresolved, the cost to repair or replace equipment or data as well as interruption to your business operation can be disastrous.

Signs that You May Have a Water Leak

There are several common signs that your commercial building may have a water leak:

  • Unexplained high water bill
  • Wet carpet
  • Water puddle
  • Wet spot on walls or ceiling
  • The sound of water running, but without visible signs of water
  • Reduced water pressure from taps

As a business owner, you may have noticed that your water bill has gone up since last month, or you may have spotted a water puddle on your floor or marks on your ceiling. This may be a sign that your premises may have a hidden leak.

Best Get it Checked Out Sooner Rather Than Later

Detecting hidden water leaks in your plumbing system not only saves you money, but it can also prevent potential disaster to your business. Since most water pipes are located underground and behind walls, it can make detecting water leaks difficult. It is worth the investment to have a professional water leak detection service from a commercial plumbing company to inspect your business premises.

Using acoustic leak detection technology, Toscano Plumbing can quickly find leaks in your home, pinpointing exactly where your leak is, and provide appropriate repairs as a licensed plumber. Toscano Plumbing will come out as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that the damage to your property is minimized.

The consequences of not dealing with a suspected water leak can really compound the problem, leading to the need for more expensive repairs from extensive water damage.

Here are some examples of how water leaks on your premises can quickly turn into a big problem:

1. Damaged Paint/Wallpaper

When water and moisture gets trapped between the wall and the wallpaper/paint, they eradicate the bond and they will start to peel and fall off. This kind of degradation rapidly and significantly reduces the lifespan of your wall surfaces.

2. Damaged Walls

A wall that is deformed or stained for no apparent reason may point to a plumbing leak. When a dry wall comes in contact with water or moisture, it becomes soft, starts to bubble and eventually crumbles. This can quickly create a major structural problem in a surprisingly short amount of time.

3. Damaged Floors

The floors in your building can start cracking or staining, requiring expensive repairs or replacement. The bathroom tiles may also start to loosen due to the moisture underneath it. The culprit could be a pipe that has burst underneath your floor. Digging up floors and replacing them will surely cause an expensive disruption to your business and should be prevented if possible.

4. Mold/Mildew

Hidden water leaks can cause the appearance of mold or mildew on your wall or floors. Mold tends to flourish in moist areas, and a leaking pipe located behind a wall or underneath the floor provides the perfect atmosphere for it to flourish and cause damage. Mold and mildew resulting from a leaking pipe can pose a serious health risk to your colleagues and customers, which is why it is important to get it detected and fixed as early as possible.

5. Bad Smell of Stale Water

When a pipe-leak goes unnoticed for a long period of time, water starts to accumulate. As it becomes stale it starts to stink. You may clean your premises regularly, but still notice a musty or damp smell, then you probably have a leak on your hands. Sometimes, the water may not dry up, which can only worsen the problem by causing mold or mildew. Unpleasant smells are a real sales killer!

How Do We Find Leaks So Fast?

Your leak will be located using a combination of several electronic leak detectors. Toscano Plumbing uses cutting edge technology that combines equipment and techniques developed in-house, as well as the best training available. Equally important is the experience of our technicians, who receive continuous hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training facility.

Our Acoustic Leak Detection Technology

Our technicians are trained to utilize the most advanced acoustic leak inspection system. These sensitive devices can “listen” at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing. To our instruments, even the tiniest leak makes a traceable noise. This allows us to detect leaks no matter how hidden or small, preventing damage before it’s too late.

If you suspect a water leak in your home, contact the team at Toscano Plumbing for quick and accurate detection.